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11655  YellowThis is the yellow recommendation, great craic all together, 10/10
20011655  Eiffel TowerBetcha never heard of this one, real hipster. Yeah was just walking around paris one day on my around the world travels including 2886 countrys on 14 planets (Im the coolest person in the world) and I just seen this kinda brown spike in the sky. So anyway me being real adventurous and all just couldnt let it go I had to check this awesome spike out. Turned out to be a cool little coffee shop called the Eiffel Tower. Coffees ok, service is average, its a bit of a trek cause they have a load of steps up to the actual seats an all, dont know, real estate must be expensive in Paris these days but they have this sick view from the top.
20021001  Bob Dylan MuseumThis was an inspirational day for me. Got to learn all about my life and be motivated and inspired by the best rock star to ever live anywhere ever ever. I know it was my own museum but so I didn't really learn anything new but explaining to everyone how cool I am was much easier with all the pics around. Also I think I'm the only person in the galaxy to e so inspirational that I even inspire myself. Inspirational day overall. Inspirational.
21011001  Elvis Presley MuseumThis one was ok, not the best but ok. They had good food and good music playing but Elvis himself just really brought the whole thing down. Kept seeing these status of him and thinking that was him but then it wasn't and then someone told me he had gone and buried himself in the garden. Now I'd be a good friend of Elvis's so you'd think he'd turn up but that day he either didn't turn up or he was just standing there for hours being really boring. Maybe I just came on a bad day but it's a thumbs down from me.
22011001  DCUGreat college, great students but above all, super lecturers! My god they're just the best. So clever and kind and hard working. Just brilliant.
23011301  testYour recommendation..test tets
38762200sitesToSeehistoryKilloughternane ChurchKilloughternane Church is a 10th-century Celtic Christian church located in County Carlow, Ireland. It was built on the remains of a timber church said to have been built by Fortiarnan in the 5th century AD. The church is made of local hammer-dressed granite, with walls 80 cm thick. A baptismal font is in one corner, and there are antae on either side. Archaeological work showed evidence of a Neolithic burial ground.
43222200sitesToSeepoliticsO Connell Monumentthe memorial to Daniel O Connell, the 19th century nationalist leader, by sculptor John Henry Foley, which stands at the entrance to the street named after him.
45671983thingsToDohistoryGuinness StorehouseEven for an Irish person this is such a great experience, couldnt recommend it enough. From Monday to Thursdays its only 15e as well. It bring you through an incredible history tour of everything thats happened since Guinness were around and even teaches you how to pull your own pint of Guinness at the end.

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