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0Bowl of CerealAlthough popularly perceived to be a breakfast staple, a bowl of cereal is a perfect substitute for any meal of the deal, especially if time or money is in short supply.201. Put Cereal in bowl 2. Pour reasonable amount of milk into bowlMilk, Cereal
1White RussianWhether you’ve become entangled in investigating a suspicious sounding kidnapping case of the wife of someone with the same name as you, or you simple feel like having a delicious cocktail with Kahlua in it, a White Russian is perfect for all occasions.501. Put a reasonable Ice into a glass 2. Pour 1.5 fluid ounces of vodka into the glass 3. Pour 0.75 fluid ounces of Kahlua 4. Top it off with milk 5. Stir all togetherMilk, Ice, Kahlua, Vodka

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