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41Duck Fried RiceCristy duck with fried rice and can of soda.9.81
51Kung PoKung Po, tangy slightly spicy sauce with chicken and fried rice.8.81
2133ArepaPulled pork Arepa with chese and plantane.5.51
2233TequenosTequenos with sweet corn dip.5.561
411Spring RollCripsy vegtable, duck and chicken spring rolls (5) served with seasoned dipping sauce and chips as a side.6.51
6161Pepperoni Pizza1212.21
6261Ham Pizza12" pizza with ham, thin base, cheesy crust and fries.13.441
6481Spring RollCrisyp Spring Roll with sauce and fries as side.5.51
6581Tequenos5 Cheese filled dough rolls6.61
6682Chicken CurryFresh chicken curry with tangy sauce served with fries and boiled rice.12.551
6782Chow MainSpicy Chow Main served with fries and fried rice.11.21
6882Kung PoKung Po served with fries and boiled rice. Warning: Very spicy.13.41
6941CarbonaraEgg and cream Carbonara with fresh pasta.23.31
7041LasagneTomato and beef Lasagne25.551
71414 Cheese Pizza12" pizza with Fetta, Ricotta , Queso and Stilton cheese.22.31

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